Oceanic is a world leading marine services provider

with over 20 years’ experience in serving the maritime community around the world.

Committed to crew wellbeing and guided by our commitment

for implementing sustainable business practices and promoting environmental sustainability.

We offer a simple, flexible operating model

with the capability and capacity to provide industry-leading tailored services based on clients’ requirements.

We ensure the supply of quality and variety of products and services

that meet the ethnic and dietary requirements of our seafarers and expectations of our guests, through a global network of over 400 approved suppliers.

We are committed to putting seafarers' welfare and well-being

at the heart of everything we do.

Your preferred partner for your maritime needs

delivering flawless service to all types of vessels around the world.

20 Years'

20 Years'
of Experience

17 Locations

17 Locations

2,000+ Vessels

2,000+ Vessels
in Service

$150 Million

$150 Million
Yearly Procurement

5,000+ Crew

5,000+ Crew
Trained Annually

50 Million+ Meals

50 Million+ Meals
per year

900+ Vessels

900+ Vessels
under SeaMed24 Medical Solutions

Oceanic is a world leading marine services provider

Based in Limassol, Cyprus, and present in 17 strategic locations worldwide, we look after the needs of more than 2,000+ vessels, supporting our clients across all sectors of the industry, from merchant shipping to offshore, leisure, and niche expedition cruises.

With a global network of over 400 carefully selected suppliers and strong procurement leverage allowing competitive pricing, our extensive range of services ensure the essential supply of quality products and services that meet the cultural and dietary requirements of crew members guided by all MLC 2006 stipulations, and the highest expectations of our travelling guests, always guided by our commitment to implementing and promoting ethical and sustainable business practices.

With a proven track record stretching over 20 years of continued service excellence, and with an unrivalled industry knowledge, we offer our customers consistent quality of service combined with a fast, global response.

Our Mission

We always strive towards meeting our clients’ expectations and continually look to add value to their businesses.

With our seafarer-centric approach, we strive to support their health and wellbeing in all that we do.

Our seafarers are at the heart of it all and we work tirelessly to maintain service excellence through professionalism, transparency and exceptional attention to detail.

Our Vision

To be the preferred marine services provider continually enhancing the value we deliver through sustainable business practices, ambitious innovative solutions and high-end performance services.

Being aware of our environmental responsibilities, particularly the conservation of our oceans, we look to be innovative, ensuring every service and solution supports environmental sustainability both on and offshore.

With OceansFirst we demonstrate Oceanic’s commitment to environmental conservation with our collective group vision that guides all our operations and ensures our excellent services provision.

Our Values

These values support our mission and vision and drive everything we do.

We Care

We Collaborate

We Challenge

We are Consistent

We Commit & Deliver

Sectors We Serve

With a proven track record across 20 years extensive experience, we can deliver industry leading tailored solutions to our clients. This ranges from serving seafarers on merchant vessels to ensuring guests aboard cruise liners and luxury yachts enjoy a 5-star dining experience.

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What We Do

Oceanic provides a diverse range of services to satisfy and exceed the expectations of seafarers, crew and passengers alike. Entrusted by ship owners, ship managers and cruise operators, Oceanic can take care of every need.

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The Oceanic Digital Ecosystem

At Oceanic, technology and innovation is at the core of our business and one of our key strategic pillars. Through technology, we continuously strive to improve our operational efficiencies and provide a unique selling proposition to our clients.

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Our Strengths

As a global leading Marine Services provider, combined with our global presence and our team of marine industry professionals, we offer a comprehensive spectrum of exceptional services to the maritime industry around the world, around the clock, with total efficiency and transparency, supported by a proven track record.

Our strong commitment to the principles of fairness, honesty, equality of opportunity and respect for human diversity in all our dealings. We pride ourselves on being approachable, helpful and proactive in all aspects of our work, irrespective of the circumstances.

At Oceanic, everything we do and every action we take is with the specific intention to improve, enhance and bring benefits to the performance of our clients’ and customers’ business.

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