#Reachout Environmental Campaign

#Reachout Environmental Campaign

In support to our Group’s environmental initiative ‘Beach Watch’ campaign, we at Oceanic and V.Ships Cyprus, have launched our #reachout campaign, demonstrating our commitment in working towards minimizing the generation of plastic waste both at sea and on-shore.

To mark the launch of our #reachout campaign, on the World Maritime Day 24th September 2020, which this year is dedicated to ‘Sustainable Shipping for a Sustainable Planet”, a Beach Clean-Up was organised in collaboration with AKTI Project and Research Centre an NGO Environmental Organization, with which a Memorandum of Understanding was signed for the collaboration on activities that will promote the protection of our marine environment from plastic pollution.

In line with our value of ‘We Care’, we encourage all colleagues to join our global Beach Watch movement and #reachout to keep our beaches, waterways and oceans trash free.

To our colleagues around the globe, you too can participate by finding a cause in your local communities.

How the #reachout campaign Works:

  1. We can all participate individually or in organised groups.
  2. We are all encourage to #reachout and collect trash wherever we are.
  3. Separate the thrash in categories and register them in the Clean Swell app developed by the Ocean Conservancy, https://oceanconservancy.org/trash-free-seas/international-coastal-cleanup/cleanswell/, App Store & Google Play
  4. The trash is entered in a worldwide database which is used to analyse the trash found and collected in various countries/areas and assist in the development of specific measures to tackle marine pollution.
  5. Take a photo and upload on your social media with the location details and trash collected, using the hashtags #reachout #potavristou #teamocean and #akti and by tagging AKTI Project and Research Centre.
  6. Trash collected:
    • If you are at an isolated beach, take them with you.
    • If you are at an organised beach, use the PMD recycling bins.

At Oceanic, we have a goal of zero pollution from plastic waste to sea and are committed in working towards minimizing the generation of plastic waste both at sea and onshore.

Wherever we live, whatever we do, we believe we all want to live in an environmentally friendly, safe and equitable world. As leaders in our industry, we continuously strive to innovate and pursue solutions to support environmental responsibility, both at sea and ashore.

For more information contact us at reachout@oceanic-services.com

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