Celebrating 20 Years of Continued Service Excellence

Celebrating 20 Years of Continued Service Excellence

Celebrating 20 years with 2,000 vessel landmark. Happy 20th Birthday Oceanic.

Oceanic is celebrating 20 years in business as a world leading marine catering, hospitality and wellbeing services specialist for all sectors of the maritime industry.

Oceanic provides the maritime industry with a comprehensive range of marine services focused on seafarer wellbeing and customer satisfaction, including catering management, culinary and hospitality training, hospitality and catering services for the cruise and offshore sectors and wellbeing services.

As it marks 20 years in business, Oceanic currently services more than 2,000 vessels of various types, from merchant, to offshore, cruise and luxury expedition passenger ships.

Oceanic takes a look back over the last twenty years to its pivotal points in the company’s history.

Success over the years

Oceanic’s story starts back in 2002 when it was formed in Monaco as an offspring of V.Ships Leisure in an effort to duplicate to merchant fleets the success of V.Ships Leisure’s in the cruise hotel operations segment.  With the concept and Group’s commitment in place, the operation moved to Limassol at the end of the same year in pursuit of the first Group vessels to join the service. By 2009 the company had almost 300 vessels including the first vessels  from third party clients which was the start of the expansion to third party clients and continuous growth thereafter.

The mid 2000s saw key developments for Oceanic which put seafarers at the forefront.  In 2011 the first training center in Manila opened investing in the training and development of the catering crew supporting the local manning offices with better trained and competent crew. This was followed by a brand new TESDA accredited training center in 2015, simulating the working environment of a ship’s galley.

The period between 2014 to 2016 was a key period in Oceanic’s subsequent growth.  It was the period of investment in resources, quality, business development and enhanced focus in digitalization.  In the following years, emphasis was given to health & wellbeing services with the creation of the Wellbeing department and the expansion of Oceanic’s footprint with presence in key locations across the globe.

Since 2019, Oceanic focused on the development of new services relating to the environment, such as consumables, drinking water solutions and recycling initiatives, the expansion of health and wellbeing services with the creation of SeaMed24 Medical Solutions, and the strengthening of the cruise and offshore capabilities.

Being a branch of V.Group, Oceanic has a strong purchasing power. This strong purchasing power enables us to bring value to all of our clients through our marine stores.

Today and the next 20 years

Today, Oceanic is a leading marine services provider for all sectors of the maritime industry. With such a proven track record and a physical global presence across 17 key locations, Oceanic’s experienced teams of more than 190 maritime professionals now look after more than 2,000 vessels.

Oceanic sees its unique digital platform ‘NERIS’ as a strategic part of its future. NERIS provides a comprehensive catering and provision management solution. This assists the catering crew with correct procurement and stock management intelligence. It also features menu planning and recipe creation which enables the crew to effectively plan and order the ideal quantities, based on historic ‘learned’ vessel data. This not only positively impacts the vessel performance, crew comfort and wellbeing but increases sustainability as Oceanic is only using the food it needs.

Kyriakos Hadjikyriakou, Managing Director at Oceanic, commented:

“Since the very beginning, our priority has been listening and adapting to the needs of our clients and crews and we have built this up to be at the very forefront of the industry. In short, we have evolved to meet the changing needs of its customers and seafarers. At Oceanic, we will always endeavour to improve the value we offer by continually adding new services, sustainable business practices, ambitious innovative solutions and high-end performance services. This is why we believe we can make a real difference. Going from 300 vessels in the early 2000s to over 2,000 vessels today is an amazing achievement and I’d like to thank everyone who has played their part. We’re looking forward to the next twenty years. Happy 20th birthday Oceanic.”

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