International Day for Women in Maritime, 18 May 2024.

International Day for Women in Maritime, 18 May 2024.

Meet Popi de Pinto Moyseos, our Director of Merchant Fleet & Support Services.

Can you share with us a brief background about yourself and what motivated you to pursue a career in the shipping sector?

When embarking my career in shipping 30 years ago, coming from a different background, it was considered to be a temporary profession. Since then, with no regrets I enjoy being in an industry which is constantly evolving and changing, which gives you the opportunity and satisfaction in learning new things all the time and developing through a fast paced environment.

When did you join Oceanic and what is your current role?

I joined Oceanic back in 2017 as Operations Manager, and my current role is Director of Merchant Fleet & Support Services. Before that I held various positions within renowned organisations in the maritime section both in ship management and catering.

What aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling, and how do you enjoy collaborating with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds?

Working in shipping is a unique experience with no fixed working hours and disrupted holidays. The fact that you must collaborate with different entities and people from all around the world is what makes it fascinating. Maritime is a global community with business partners sharing same problems, interests, concerns, ideas and many more.

How do you see the future for women in seafaring and the broader shipping industry?

Few years back, the industry was still quite male dominated but nowadays we see more and more women taking over significant roles in the maritime industry whether these are onboard or ashore. Times are changing and so is the maritime section, therefore I foresee that a similar trend will continue in forthcoming years with women holding even a bigger part within the industry.

What advice would you offer to women aspiring to embark on a career at sea or within the shipping industry?

Anyone deciding to embark on a career in shipping must be prepared to work long hours and make sacrifices. Whether this is onboard or ashore, it is not a usual 9-5 occupation, and one must be flexible and adjust their working hours based on different schedules and many times on different time zones.

Shipping is such a broad field with so many different options and opportunities but certainly never a dull moment.

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