Continuing our series of inspiring stories of some of our Oceanic female colleagues on the occasion of the International Day for Women in Maritime, 18 May 2024, meet Jamie Brown, our Associate Director, Client Success for Oceanic Leisure.

Can you share with us a brief background about yourself and what motivated you to pursue a career at sea or in the shipping sector?

My love of travel started from a very young age. I was fortunate to have found a career I love and grow up in Cruise, starting shoreside with Crystal Cruises in 2003.

I have travelled to over 130 countries and lived and worked in 4 different countries outside the US. I love the everchanging landscape with projects. We handle full hotel operations management as well as bespoke consultancy. Oceanic Leisure has been able to expand its capabilities to include subject matter experts within Cruise.

When did you join Oceanic and what is your current role?

I joined Oceanic in 2018 while working on a project in China. The pandemic brought me to Cyprus and I have now relocated here. I am Associate Director, Client Success for Oceanic Leisure, specialising in all aspects of onboard Hotel Operations, specifically Quality Assurance and 3rd party concessions.

What aspects of your job do you find most fulfilling, and how do you enjoy collaborating with colleagues from diverse cultural backgrounds?

I love managing and working on projects that run across all companies under V.Group, spread out between different countries and with colleagues from all over the globe. Each project is unique and those adding value to culturally diverse projects only add merit.

The benefits of working for a big group, allow me to work and collaborate with other entities within V. I am able to share my expertise, mentor colleagues and most importantly for me, to work alongside the client and be on location for the project.

How do you see the future for women in seafaring and the broader shipping industry?

I am a huge advocate for women in Cruise & Maritime-related roles. In my early days, I was usually the only woman at the table, but I love seeing the constant increase in women in leadership positions. I love seeing women in seafaring positions not just hotel related but deck and technical related.

What advice would you offer to women aspiring to embark on a career at sea or within the shipping industry?

I would recommend a career at sea or within the shipping industry to any women. My years spent at sea are some of the best years of my life. I not only learned so much more than I could have shoreside, but I made lifelong friends from around the world.

I would recommend women to get involved, join committees and panels and share their expertise. I would also recommend to join WISTA – having a network of like-minded women has really helped guide me and given me a platform to bounce ideas off of.

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