Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

At the heart of Oceanic’s business philosophy lies a strong commitment to economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Our operations are spread across the world’s key maritime trading routes and we have a presence in many countries with ethnic, cultural, religious and social diversity.

It is our role and responsibility to adhere to international values in respect of all business dealings with our stakeholders. We are committed to showing sensitivity to their diverse backgrounds and attitudes whilst being transparent, fair and impartial at all times.

We are committed to developing a range of ethically and socially responsible activities which support environmental sustainability. We continue to promote environmental awareness both onshore and at sea as well as looking after our employees’ and seafarers’ welfare.

Our ethical approach is evidenced through day-to-day activity:

  • Occupational hygiene operates throughout our business
  • Health and Safety strategies are implemented without exception
  • Equal opportunities policies prevail in all our activities
  • We leave a positive impression with everyone we engage with

Oceanic acts in accordance with our groups’ principles of ethical business conduct, which correspond with our approach to CSR:

  • Accountability: We are personally answerable for our own conduct and actions
  • Honesty: We always tell the truth, whatever the circumstances
  • Integrity: When we say we’ll do something, we do it
  • Openness: When questions are asked, we’re open and straightforward in our answers
  • Respect: We value everyone we meet and treat them with dignity and thoughtfulness

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