Oceanic is a world leading marine services provider for all sectors of the maritime industry, from merchant shipping, to offshore, leisure and niche expedition cruises.

With a proven track record stretching over 20 years of continued service excellence, our experienced teams of maritime professionals look after more than 2,000 vessels.

Our extensive range of services ensure the essential supply of quality products and services that meet the cultural and dietary requirements of crew members guided by all MLC 2006 stipulations, and the highest expectations of our travelling guests, always guided by our commitment to implementing and promoting ethical and sustainable business practices.

Committed to crew wellbeing and customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive range of marine services including:

  • Catering management for merchant vessels
  • Hotel and hospitality operations, procurement, logistics and consultancy services for the cruise sector
  • Catering & housekeeping services for offshore projects
  • Hospitality & culinary training
  • SeaMed24 Medical Solutions
  • Marine stores
  • Health & Wellbeing programme and services

All of these are underpinned by our unique digital ecosystem which ensures efficiency, accountability and transparency in everything we do for you, and our dedicated HSEQ ensuring that the quality and variety of products delivered onboard our clients’ vessels, fulfil the diverse needs and preferences of the crew, considering nutritional guidelines, the cultural and religious backgrounds of the crew onboard.

We recognise the important role we play in growing the scope of our services to seafarers.

By adopting a seafarers’ centric approach and offering a holistic crew wellbeing service, we aim towards enhancing our seafarers’ welfare in every aspect.

With a fully vetted supplier network and annual procurement in excess of $150 million we can ensure the supply of quality products and services while capping the operating expenses and victualling costs of our Principals.

At Oceanic our operational teams are equipped and motivated to deliver the services our clients have entrusted us to perform. Our team of 170+ shore-based professionals all have academic backgrounds and extensive experience in procurement, culinary and hospitality training, food safety, nutrition, cruise and ferry operations, shipping, software systems and HSEQ.

At Oceanic, we believe in the continuous training and support of our hotel and catering crew. Through practical and theoretical courses, we strive to improve their skills and support their career advancement.

Our 1,500m² TESDA accredited hospitality training centre in Manila, and our additional training locations in Odessa, Shanghai, Goa and Mumbai, deliver tailor-made training solutions for approximately 5,000 hotel and catering crew every year.

Alongside our shoreside training, we offer additional support through our E-Learning modules, Travelling Chefs and Catering Superintendents.

Through our Health and Well-being department, we ensure that crew receive healthy, well-balanced and wholesome meals based on dietary guidelines and nutritional needs. We take into account the cultural and religious backgrounds of our seafarers and are guided by all MLC 2006 stipulations.

With 900+ vessels in service under SeaMed24 Medical Solutions, we offer a range of medical management solutions delivering high-quality health care to seafarers, passengers and guests.

For the cruise and offshore sectors, we operate essential services including the provision of high-quality training programmes for crew development.

Our unique digital ecosystem and bespoke catering and provisions management platform provides real-time statistics and feedback on any vessel’s procurement and performance, whilst also supporting the quality of operations, data visibility and offering full traceability.

At Oceanic, we will always endeavour to improve the value we offer by continually adding new services that can make a real difference. Through vigilance and attention to detail, we strive to exceed expectations through exceptional service.

Oceanic can be the right partner for you, committed to providing high-quality services and seafarers wellbeing.

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