Sustainability and the Environment


The protection and preservation of the natural environment and its resources, and especially the conservation of our oceans, is a key priority at Oceanic.

We see it as part of our role to demonstrate the highest standards of practice and thought leadership. We are committed to leading the adoption and promotion of industry standards and best practices both at sea and ashore. We have long been champions of environmental stewardship and minimising our environmental impact.

Being conscious of this impact is the only way to be a commercially and environmentally sustainable firm.

OceansFirst for Sustainable Oceans

In alliance with the UN Sustainability Development Goals, we have introduced OceansFirst for Sustainable Oceans.

Our vision for employees, management, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders is embedded into our company’s culture, affecting our environmental and business strategies. It is our guide towards the preservation of the planet’s resources which are essential to sustainability and our success as a business.

As a leader in the maritime industry, environmental conservation has become one of our primary focus areas.

UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)

We are striving towards an ethical and sustainable food supply as part of our 5-year sustainability programme and have aligned our approach to the 17 UN SDGs which define global sustainable development priorities and aspirations for 2030.

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