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With a proven track record across 20 years extensive experience, we can deliver industry leading tailored solutions to our clients.

This ranges from serving seafarers on merchant vessels to ensuring guests aboard cruise liners and luxury yachts enjoy a 5-star dining experience.

Oceanic provides a diverse range of services to satisfy and exceed the expectations of seafarers, crew and passengers alike. Entrusted by ship owners, ship managers and cruise operators, Oceanic can take care of every need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a marine service provider do?

As the name suggests, a maritime provider offers a wide range of services including but not limited to crew management and services, ship management, marine education such as hospitality and culinary training and the procurement and distribution of crucial medical supplies. Oceanic provides a range of these services internationally. Oceanic does not offer crew management services or ship management.

What determines an offshore industry?

As the name implies, an offshore industry is a sector that operates predominantly offshore, usually at sea although the term can also apply to industries operating on land away from their country of origin. The term offshore is most often used to describe sectors such as the renewable industry, the oil and gas industry, telecommunications and the marine sector.

What are the different types of merchant vessels?

There are many different types of merchant vessels, including container ships, oil or gas tankers, chemical carriers, bulk carriers, cable layers, ro-ro ferries, car carriers, oil rig supply vessels and general-purpose cargo ships. Merchant ships are known for their unique trade routes which may take them to every continent and across every ocean on the globe.

What are the purposes of a ship's catering services?

Vessel catering is a specialised type of hospitality service in which food and drink is provided to passengers, visitors and tourists at sea. Vessel catering is also an important component of crew management services, as it is the responsibility of a hospitality team onboard a ship to ensure a crew is properly nourished. In this day and age, a kitchen usually works closely with a nutritionist onboard who ensures everyone is properly fed healthy, balanced meals.

What is cruise ship management?

As the name suggests, cruise ship management is the management and maintenance of cruise ships within the luxury vacation industry. Cruise ship management plays a number of roles within the sector, from ensuring passengers are provided with nourishing, healthy meals to making sure the vessel is on time and where it needs to be.

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