Sustainability and the Environment

At the heart of Oceanic’s business philosophy lies a strong commitment to economic, environmental, and social responsibility, the protection and preservation of the natural environment and its resources, and especially the conservation of our oceans, is a key priority at Oceanic.

We see it as part of our role to demonstrate the highest standards of practice and thought leadership. We are committed to leading the adoption and promotion of industry standards and best practices both at sea and ashore.

As part of our ESG strategy, we have introduced OceansFirst, which is an endorsement of our commitment to the environment and especially the conservation of our oceans, providing a common vision for our company and stakeholders affecting our environmental and business strategies.

400+ Vessels enrolled into our water solutions initiative

650+ Water Units installed on-board clients’ vessels since December 2019

40,000+ Reusable stainless-steel bottles distributed

5.8+ Million plastic bottles eliminated to date

Let us act today and work together on ways to eliminate plastic water bottles supplied onboard vessels.

Durable Water Solutions

We provide simple-to-install durable water solutions which provide safe water with a short return on investment period, ensuring reliability and simple operation of equipment for the convenience and safety of the crew, catering for all types and sizes of vessels with the correct approval certificates.


Installation of the water units is easy and can be done by the crew onboard. It only requires access to a water outlet, a drain and electricity.


The simple filter-kits are due for replacement every 6 months. Filters can easily be replaced by the crew onboard. No tools required.

Logistics & Procurement

In addition to the initial procurement of the equipment of the filtration solutions, we provide continuous support for the procurement and delivery of consumables worldwide.


  • Cost effective solution with short return on investment with leasing option available,
  • Reduction of costs associated with the provision of plastic water bottles,
  • Providing safe drinking water for crew members,
  • Contributing towards environmental sustainability,
  • Enhancing ESG performance,
  • On-going support for the procurement and delivery of consumables worldwide & replacement of water units if found deficient.

Reliability & Simple Operation

  • Considering vessels are fitted with either Reverse Osmosis or Desalination systems at the time of construction, all is required is to invest in a filtration system providing additional comfort to crew members onboard.

The Environmental Impact

Eliminating Single-Use Plastics

Minimizing Plastic Garbage Waste

Reducing The Need For Transportation

Reducing The Use Of Barges To Lift Pallets

All While Helping To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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