Catering Management for Merchant Vessels

‘Fuel moves your ship, food motivates your crew’

For seafarers around the world, the necessities of everyday life take on an added importance. To be productive they need to be safe, healthy and above all, well-nourished.

Crew welfare & wellbeing

Through our longstanding catering expertise, we provide 40 million meals a year for seafarers, the majority of which are served aboard commercial and merchant vessels at sea. Our offer includes building the diverse, cultural, religious and ethnic dietary requirements of the seafaring community into our demand-driven supply and replenishment chain.

Quality provisions

Supplying healthy, wholesome and safe meals on a controlled budget is our commitment to clients. The underlying principle behind our global catering business is that with our vast experience, training resources and buying power, we can perform the catering function more efficiently and more cost-effectively. We put great emphasis on maintaining a fully vetted supplier network and quality victualling to exceed the delivery standards we set ourselves.

Nutrition through technology

A healthier lifestyle ultimately benefits the performance of a vessel. Our team of nutritionists in collaboration with our culinary team ensure that your crew receive healthy and wholesome meals based on dietary guidelines, nutritional needs and menu planning.

The Oceanic Digital Ecosystem has been developed to address the unique catering and provision management challenges faced by crew onboard vessels. It supports our operational activities and establishes transparent communication with our clients and suppliers.


  • Quality victualing in line with crew dietary expectations, cultural and religion backgrounds
  • Consistency of product quality and competitive pricing due to volume driven procurement power
  • Safe hygiene practices by trained catering crew and less wastage through proper stock administration and cost optimisation
  • Healthy and well balanced menus based on nutritional guidelines
  • Continuous trainings, support and development of catering crew
  • Better utilization of internal resources by outsourcing the provisions supply
  • Our value added commitment
  • Access to a unique technology ecosystem providing real time statistics and feedback on a vessel’s procurement, performance and quality monitoring
  • Guaranteed victualing budget throughout the year ensuring financial consistency
  • Regulatory compliance

We provide ongoing, daily services to over 1,750 vessels from our locations around the globe, training 5,000+ catering personnel each year, with a procurement budget exceeding $150 million.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is maritime catering management?

As the name suggests, maritime catering management is the procurement and distribution of catering and hospitality services within the maritime sector. Maritime catering management ranges from the training of personnel to ensuring both passengers and seafarers alike have access to high-quality, nourishing meals at sea.

What is maritime quality provision?

Maritime quality provision is a service ensuring all food onboard a vessel is of adequate quality, meets hygiene standards and meets the dietary needs of both the crew and the passengers.
At Oceanic, we are committed to supplying healthy, wholesome meals on a controlled budget. To surpass the delivery standards we set for ourselves, we place a strong emphasis on maintaining a completely vetted supplier network with exceptional victualing.

What does SeaMed24 supply?

SeaMed24 supplies a comprehensive array of high-quality marine medical supplies to a range of different vessels operating within the maritime sector.

Can catering management have an effect on crew wellbeing?

Catering management can have an untold impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of a crew, which can also create a domino effect that can cause disruptions and issues in the operations of your vessel. In order to ensure your crew are being properly cared for, it is crucial they are receiving both regular, nutritious meals as well as having access to adequate medical supplies.

What is The Oceanic Digital Ecosystem?

The Oceanic Digital Ecosystem has been developed to solve the particular difficulties faced by the catering crews on board vessels. It’s a data-driven, forward-thinking network that allows for open, transparent communication with our clients and suppliers. The system also supports operational activities.

How many meals does Oceanic provide to vessels daily?

We supply 40 million meals a year for seafarers, the majority of which are delivered on board commercial and merchant ships at sea. That’s roughly 109589 meals a day!

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