Hospitality & Culinary Training

Oceanic has extensive experience in developing bespoke hospitality concepts and services for our clients.

‘On a yearly basis, we engage in the training of thousands of marine hospitality professionals’.

With a TESDA accredited catering and a hospitality training centre in Manila designed to simulate onboard conditions, we deliver over 60 tailor-made maritime training courses for over 5,000 recruits a year. Hands on culinary training can be also provided at facilities in Odessa, Shanghai, Goa and Mumbai.

We take great pride in training thousands of catering and hospitality candidates each year for careers in the maritime sector. Our objective is to provide a constant stream of qualified, professional catering and hospitality crew to attend to the needs of crews and passengers.

Centralising our training services is far more efficient than for individual companies to create and deliver their own training programmes. Importantly, we give every client the flexibility to match their training requirements to the demands of their marketplace. Our highly experienced experts analyse clients’ current and ongoing catering staff training requirements, develop an appropriate training, selection and development strategies then implement and evaluate them.

Global Catering Superintendents network

Through our global network of catering superintendents, we provide on-site vessel attendance at key shipping locations. Our catering superintendents have vast expertise and knowledge and will visit vessels managed by Oceanic.

Online Training

Through eLearning courses, we offer continuous training in many diverse areas including menu design, guidance on cooking efficiently and economically, administration and stock control, food safety and hygiene as well as a messman development program.

Dedicated Training Support

Oceanic provides a diverse range of training services to satisfy and exceed the requirements of seafarers, crew and passengers alike. Entrusted by ship owners, ship managers and cruise operators, Oceanic can take care of all merchant, cruise and offshore training needs.

Merchant vessels

We have global expertise in serving the needs and requirements of your merchant vessels by providing first class training capabilities. With benefits that include continuous theoretical and practical training, regulatory compliance as well as health and wellbeing departments, you can be sure of exceptional training support.

Cruise market

Aside from a genuine, carefully selected onboard team, we create a vast selection of culinary experiences to satisfy the palates of every guest, based on each vessel’s requirements. Our personalised global training programmes focus on the development of shore and onboard teams.


We have the knowledge and qualified crew to support and meet the needs of our offshore clients by offering a wide range of training services. From our wide pool of qualified training personnel, our experience will ensure the provision of quality services across operations, administration and HSEQ departments.

For more information on how Oceanic can support your training requirements, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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