Marine Stores

We offer general stores as per IMPA ISSA catalogue and to meet clients’ specific requirements. Whether cabin, deck or engine, our marine stores’ management service covers the supply needs of any type of vessel on a global scale and in any remote location.

Your one-stop partner for all your Maritime needs

Our Marine Stores team has an extensive experience and expertise both working at ship management and ship owners’ companies and we are currently providing marine stores services to over 350 vessels for 70 of our clients.

We have a single point of contact to manage the entire procurement cycle and provide ongoing support. Our digital infrastructure also manages every aspect of operations while providing complete transparency and efficiency of services. As your preferred partner for all your maritime needs, we supply;

  • Galley & accommodation cleaning materials and consumables
  • Crew welfare & safety products
  • Onboard drinking water solutions
  • Reusable stainless steel water bottles
  • Galley and cabin stores
  • Slop chest stores
  • Cloth & linen products
  • Tableware & kitchenware
  • Cleaning & laundry products
  • Stationary
  • Deck and engine stores
  • Safety and P.P.E. stores
  • Dräger gas detectors, short-term tubes & safety equipment*
  • Chemicals and gases*/ paints*

*based on clients’ request

Environmental, health and crew wellbeing responsibilities are very important to us.

Onboard drinking water solutions

At a time when the maritime industry is driving change in eliminating the use of plastic bottles for drinking water onboard vessels, here at Oceanic we are excited to be part of this initiative which will positively affect our global environment. Through our on-board drinking water solutions initiative, we provide simple to install durable solutions which provide safe water with a short return on investment. By way of example, we’ve supplied more than 500 onboard drinking water units to over 300 vessels since 2019, and together with our stainless steel drinking bottles have prevented the wasteful usage and disposal of 3.5+ million plastic bottles.

Crew safety products

We carry a complete range of crew safety products, from the PLBs ‘man overboard’ alarm/locators to LegionellaMAX water testing kits and Ebolaguard Protection Kits, to the only marine-approved defibrillator, Lifeforce ™.

Dräger gas detectors & safety equipment

Our Dräger Safety Equipment, ranging from Portable Gas Detection, Dräger Gas Detection Tubes, Respiratory Protection to Alcohol & Drug Testing, can support all your vessel’s requirements and are ideal for all marine environments.

Galley & accommodation cleaning solutions

With our Galley and Accommodation solution, all our cleaning, sanitation and disinfection products are approved under the MCL 2006 inspections protocol.

To find out more about our Marine Stores services contact us at marine.stores@oceanic-services.com and a member of our team will be in touch.

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