SeaMed24 Medical Solutions

Our comprehensive range of medical management solutions for the maritime industry, delivering high quality healthcare to seafarers, passengers and onsite guests.

‘Let us help you look after the health and safety of your seafarers and guests.’

Through our portfolio of services, we offer:

For the Merchant vessels & Offshore sector

  • Medical advisory management, an integrated global remote medical advisory management solution, aiming to improving crew members health care & well-being through direct 24/7 access to medical expertise, while ensuring financial & operational efficiencies for ship owners
  • Medical chest management, ensuring our clients’ vessels always sail in medical chest compliance in accordance with each vessel’s flag state requirements
  • Hyperbaric medical support for decompression illness symptoms and treatment

For the Cruise, Yachts and Expedition vessels

  • Medical facility start-up / set-up, ensuring regulatory compliance and risk preservation; development, review and management of medical policies and procedures; including the development of OPRP.
  • Biomedical preventative maintenance, including ongoing maintenance & repairs, annual biomedical calibration and certification service.
  • Medical advisory management, an integrated global medical advisory management solution, fully customized to each client’s needs, including case management services for shipboard crew & guests; crisis and outbreak management support.
  • Medical formulary management, ensuring our Clients’ vessels always sail in medical formulary compliance and in accordance with each vessel’s flag state requirements.

For all types of vessels

  • Medical oxygen management, ensuring our clients’ vessels always sail in compliance in accordance with each vessel’s flag state requirements
  • Wellness and mental health program, offering support, resources information by our professional team of nutritionists and culinary team, as well as 24/7 counselling support by our highly trained clinicians
  • Drug and alcohol testing program, through our fully trained international collection network
  • Health and inventory management platforms, providing real time visibility across your entire fleet for improved access to care, cost reduction and crew safety

Our Services Success Pillars

  • Experience of providing seafarers wellbeing services and solutions across hundreds of vessels globally, with 900+ vessels currently in service under SeaMed24 Medical Solutions
  • Years of medical expertise in providing continuous oversight, medical care and support to the maritime industry
  • Our unique digital infrastructure managing every aspect of medical operations while providing complete transparency and efficiency of services

Our Value Proposition

Why SeaMed24 Medical Services:

  • Our absolute commitment to crew wellbeing, safety and quality
  • Our in-depth experience & understanding of this industry
  • Our competence & commitment to in delivering high-quality health care
  • Our global network of 900,000+ medical providers
  • Our global supplies network covering key locations
  • Our unique digital infrastructure

SeaCare® Health Platform

SeaCare®, our unique digital health platform, manages every aspect of medical operations while providing complete transparency and efficiency of services.

Based on a patented technology specifically designed for maritime operations providing continuous synchronization and operation regardless of connectivity, SeaCare® allows organizations to manage and analyse data across:

  • Onboard medical operations
  • Public health management
  • Case management
  • Health & wellness tracking
  • 3rd party medical providers
  • Cost & financial reporting
  • Inventory & onboard devices
  • Data analysis, metrics and dashboards

SeaMed24 Medical Solutions ensure your crew have direct 24/7 access to medical expertise, backed by a unique digital infrastructure managing every aspect of medical operations, while providing complete transparency and efficiency of services, meaning your seafarers receive high quality healthcare, resulting in financial operational efficiencies for your vessel.

To find out more about SeaMed24 Medical Solutions contact us at medical@SeaMed24.com and a member of our team will be in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is health care so important at sea?

Health care at sea is an absolutely critical component of the maritime industry. This includes maintaining the physical and emotional well-being of all parties on board, including passengers and any onsite guests as well as the seafarers and personnel aboard who work diligently to maintain and operate the vessel’s infrastructure.

Nowadays, the marine industry relies on a number of services to safeguard the physical and mental well-being of seafarers. These services include but are not limited to, bespoke catering management, maritime medical supply solutions, marine store services, and proper culinary training.

Essentially, when properly nourished and provided with the necessary medical care, a crew can ensure operational continuity by ensuring the vessel infrastructure is properly maintained and managed – this is why maintaining the physical and mental well-being of everyone at sea is so important to the maritime industry.

What support can SeaMed24 supply?

SeaMed24 Medical Solutions provide an array of bespoke, comprehensive services to the maritime industry, for the purpose of delivering high-quality healthcare to off-shore guests, passengers, and seafarers alike. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Medical Chest Management
  • Medical Advisory Management
  • Biomedical Preventative Maintenance
  • Medical Oxygen Management
  • Wellness & Mental Health Programs

For more information about the support, we can supply, click here.

What is PEME Management?

Also known as a pre-employment medical examination, PEME management is the periodic, final, or return-to-work medical examination given to seafarers and maritime crews. As the name suggests, the examination ensures seafarers are fighting fit and screens out any medical conditions before employment.

What is SeaCare?

SeaCare is a specialist piece of software which assists medical professionals at sea to view and maintain health records. The first of its kind offering a solution for international medical operations within the maritime industry.

How big is the SedMed24 global network?

As the name suggests, maritime medical solutions is the provision of medical supplies and services to the maritime sector. The services you receive will come down to the unique needs of your vessel and your crew. However, in general, most companies will provide medical chest and medical oxygen hyperbaric medical support. A snapshot of our current services includes:

  • Medical Facility Start-Up/Set-Up
  • Biomedical Preventative Maintenance
  • Medical Advisory Management
  • Medical Formulary Management
  • Wellness & Mental Health Program
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Health & Inventory Management

Can SeaMed24 offer medical facility start-up/set-up?

Medical facility start-up and set-up services ensure compliance with local regulations as well as risk prevention and the development, review, and management of medical procedures and policies.

SeaMed24 offers medical facility start-up/set-up for an array of different vessels, including cruise ships, yachts, and expedition vessels.

What is a country’s flag state requirements?

The term flag state emerged from the early use of flags as a symbol of the nationality or tribe to whom the ships belonged. The flag has evolved into an officially sanctioned and extremely potent symbol of the state, serving as tangible evidence of the nationality given by the state to ships registered under its laws. The ship's flag displays the ship's nationality and the laws that govern its operation in international seas.

It should be noted, however, that not all vessels are registered in the nation of origin of their ship owners. The country under which such vessels operate is known as the flag state, whilst the practice of registering the ship in a state other than the ship's owner is known as the flag of convenience (FOC).

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