Services for the Cruise Industry

As the cruise industry regains the momentum it was experiencing before the global pandemic, we are happy to be able to offer full support from our comprehensive and growing range of catering, training and support services.

We believe our relationships with our clients should be based on mutual respect, trust and alignment of values combined with a continual commitment to drive improvement and innovation. We have a proven track record in the cruise sector and believe we are the ideal partner with our unique approach:

  • Unwavering commitment to health, safety, and sustainability
  • Dedicated team who will work closely with you every step of the way
  • Experience of developing, setting-up and delivering outstanding hospitality experiences onboard with our extensive worldwide training programme
  • Commitment to sustainability as we continually investigate ways to evolve our practices and expand our capabilities to improve our efforts
  • Global operations, with team members able to support locally
  • A resilient supply chain with global volume ensuring quality and competitive pricing
  • Passionate about delivering outstanding guest experiences from embarkation and the food and beverage experience to all the onboard activities and fond farewells

We have the capacity, flexibility and experience to cater for contemporary, premium, luxury and ultra-luxury cruise markets. We work with our clients from concept to delivery.

Mega yacht luxury

We can provide the highest quality hotel and catering support to the mega yacht market, where indulgence is underscored by immaculate hotel services.

It is our privilege to have achieved catering and hotel service standards that compare with the best of shore-based amenities.


Oceanic has a wealth of know-how and resources available to meet specific needs.

The range of consultancy services we offer our clients covers all aspects of marine hospitality, including business plans, new build advice, acquisition/due diligence, operational, auditing, and more. Whatever your requirements, with Oceanic you’re in safe hands.

At our established training facility in Manilla, over 5,000 recruits a year gain valuable new skills and expertise for all aspects of their onward seafaring career.

For more information on our Hotel & Hospitality Services and how Oceanic can support your commercial passenger operations, contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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